A secured online authentication service in front of web sites

AuthentifyMe is an online powerful authentication and identification solution which provides ease of use and a minimum of integration burden. The service is specifically conceived for web sites & applications, enterprise security, extranet-intranet sites or any other online services.

This service is secured, user privacy safe, shields customers against technical changes and is the most competitive on the market versus other authentication solutions.

Key features

  • Strong and secured authentication AND delivers Identity attributes (eID, smartcards, certificates) ;
  • Multi-Platform, Multi-Device : smartcards, eID cards, certificates, SMS, Digipass,… ;
  • Online (remote) certification and verification of the identity ;
  • Allows “anonymization” identification ;
  • Certificates and eID card specifics:
    • online OCSP/CRL check ;
    • real-time card validation check ;
    • delivers a privacy safe unique user ID, application specific, derived from a non-reversible encryption of the user’s National Number.

Unique Selling Points

  • User centric transaction, control of personal data, high comfort of usage ;
  • Visually transparent for the user and technically transparent for the web site ;
  • No heavy cumbersome IT integration ;
  • Privacy Safe and Legal compliance ;
  • 50% cheaper than competitor’s authentication solutions like tokens, etc ;
  • Customer is shielded against technical changes and eID cards evolutions.

Technical highlights

  • No IT integration required ;
  • End-to-end encryption, SSL ;
  • API provided for use in client-server applications (non full web based applications) ;
  • Service can be delivered as (shared) ASP or as customer owned infrastructure ;