Identity data capture product description

Our eID card reading solution can be integrated into your applications, enabling you to:

  • Read the data and photo on an identity card: either locally (e.g. face to face in an agency), or remotely (e.g. via the web) ;
  • Certify the validity of identity data through prior verification of the electronic signature associated with the identity data on the card. This ensures that the identity data corresponds to a citizen who is formally recognised in the database of the national register, or the international register (registre-bis) if the person is a foreign national; this means that cards containing false identity data can be blocked (to combat fraud) ;
  • Extract the data read either in the form of files (XML format for example), or in the form of specific data structures which can be inserted into your applications ;
  • Capture a 'true electronic copy' of the identity card which can be transmitted and used electronically (or archived) ;
  • Protect yourself against identity fraud through an optional function. Our software library (which requires an online connection) verifies that the identity documents presented to you are not cards that are blacklisted in the databases of the Ministry of the Interior (police, foreign affairs, or stolen or lost documents that have been blocked in the national register) ;
  • Improve integration and enjoy ease of use: management software functions and detailed error messages about the context of the card reading process: whether or not the reader(s) is/are present, whether the card is present in the reader, whether the card has been extracted from the reader, etc…

The unique advantages

Immunity to changes and professional stability

The only 'professionally' designed software on the market, which assures total immunity to any changes connected to the card. We guarantee that we will adapt the reading software for free every time the card is changed or every time a bug is found.

Currently no other software, even the official government software library, can be used to avoid reading errors due to the content of cards.

Stability and durability: our software has been developed and validated using a sufficiently representative volume of cards for all possible scenarios. To illustrate this point, several hundred thousand cards are read annually by our software, which our clients have installed.


For the first time, we can offer an automated anti-fraud solution, which guarantees protection against the risk of fraud, and this is done by directly linking up with State databases;

Legal conformity

The solution we offer complies fully with the prescription of the Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission (CBFA) with regard to combating money laundering, account opening and client identification (circulars 2009_17 and 2009_17-1).

Our solution responds to the recommendations made by Price Waterhouse Coopers concerning the 'KYC' (Know Your Customer) regulatory requirements for client identification.

Plug & play implementation

This is a software library or package that is easy to integrate. We provide documentation as well as source code examples. The software library can be used with Windows or over the web.

Reading guaranteed

We are committed to supporting the different versions of identity cards and current and future documents.

No software prerequisites

Our software library does not require prior installation of middleware for the card (pilot developed by the government); this substantially facilitates deployment to workstations by eliminating any dependence on unsupported software;


Our software library also works with Windows Mobile for PDA-type use while on the move.

The different versions of the data capture product

The product is available in three versions :

  1. Standard reading of the data on an eID card, without checking the signature of the data
  2. Data reading including checking of the validity of the identity data (verification of the signature of the data)
  3. Data reading including anti-fraud verification of the document (requires internet access)