Projects and consultancy on demand

The eID Company offers its know-how for all your specific developments or for consultancy, be it at national or at international level, in its own fields of technical expertise. We cover the following type of activities:

  • Specialized consultancy and advise in terms of design, spread, implementation and management ;
  • On demand custom developments ;
  • Study, analysis, architecture, recommendations (documents setup and proofreading) ;
  • Guidance and training ;
  • Audits.

 Fields of technologic expertise

  • Electronic identication and authentication (chip cards, OTP - One Time Passwords, GSM, …) ;
  • Electronic signature ;
  • Long termvalidation of e-archived originals ;
  • Remote voting ;
  • Chip cards (smartcards, middleware, memory chips, crypto chips, SIM GSM, etc.) and their readers :
    • National identity card eg. eID ;
    • Professional, private or corporate cards on demand ;
    • PKI chip card software ;
  • Certificats and PKI expertise :
    • Establishing and operating of a certification and saving authority ;
    • Authentication and authorization systems (identity and access management), federal ID management ;
    • Electronic signature, secure and faultless filling/completion of electronic documents ;
    • Certificats, software, OTP - One Time Passwords;
  • Biometry, RFID applied as electronic identication.
This expertise includes underlaying technical fields such as cryptography and other aspects like integration and software development based on these technologies.

The resources which help you in your custom request include a minimum of project/software management (PMI and PRINCE2) and a service management (ITIL certification).